Well, well, a series of holidays has come to an end, a truly winter weather has set in the yard … Well, how is winter? What side to look at! Of course, not minus 35, as in Surgut, and there is not as much snow as in Moscow or Kyiv, but still! According to weather forecasters, in January in the northern part of Israel, the average air temperature is 5-17C, in the center of the country they promise a little colder – up to 15C on average, the closer to the Mediterranean Sea, the warmer – up to 16C, in the south of the country and on the Dead Sea, about the same – up to 16C. Rain and strong winds are included. And, yes, snow is also promised! Well, where would we be without it in winter! The water temperature in the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea is about +18, in the Red +22C. But, there will definitely be sunny days, we guarantee you that! So dress warmly and come visit us! We have something to see regardless of the weather. Read information about excursions on our website. Choose. Call. We will be happy to help you have a good holiday!