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The predominant part of humanity at least once in their lives was seized by an irrepressible desire to visit Israel. And, surprisingly, having visited it once, people tend to return again in order to fill themselves with vivid impressions to the brim. Many are attracted by the mild sunny climate, a large number of various religious sites, outstanding historical sites, as well as simply beautiful and unique corners of nature and, of course, the impressive contrast between modernity and centuries-old antiquity.
There is no analogue of the Holy Land in the world. Although this territory is relatively small, you can admire snow and high mountains at one end of it, and cool waters and a lifeless desert at the other. Despite the constant historical religious formations, this region is the center of religious beliefs of Muslims, Jews and Christians. Walking the same streets that Abraham walked 4,000 years ago, 3,000 years ago – King David, 2,000 years ago – Jesus and a thousand years ago – the crusaders – you feel your involvement in world history and feel chosen thanks to the experiences impressions

On the other hand, Israel is a modern country with a well-developed tourism infrastructure and connected with other countries by an endless number of airlines. Due to the small geographical area, it will not take you long to travel by plane, bus, own car or taxi within the country.
With Taxi “MIA” you will cover the distance from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in less than an hour, and we will deliver you to the Sea of ​​Galilee in just two hours. The trip to the Dead Sea will last no more than two hours. Any delivery with TAXI MIA, wherever you wish, to luxurious beaches or entertainment bustling places, nature reserves or health resorts, religious temples or shopping centers, exotic colorful bazaars or colorful villages will be comfortable, fast and courteous. .
Our drivers will be able not only to deliver you to your destination carefully and on time, but also, if you wish, to recommend the best places or places of interest to you, help with choosing a hotel or excursion, assist with settling, etc. And, whatever the purpose of your visit to Israel – warm sun, ancient temples, biblical memos or another of thousands of international conventions – you will be pleasantly surprised by our service.
After all, a trip to Israel means not only a pleasant and comfortable trip, first-class tourist service with an endless amount of entertainment, golden warm sandy beaches, healing waters of the Dead and Red Seas, the magic of the desert and the grandeur of snowy peaks. This is more than just a trip.
Israel for several centuries carefully and strictly preserves the memory of an inexhaustible number of historical events in order to gradually open the pages of the universe’s secrets again and again for those who set foot on the Promised Land.
Make your visit to Israel as rich as possible, overflow with pleasant memories and vivid impressions, feel yourself chosen by history, visit and touch the maximum number of historical monuments, and our taxi will help you do this with maximum comfort and efficiency.