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    Feedback from our clients

    Met, helped our family to load and quickly delivered to Haifa to relatives. The price is very affordable compared to other taxi companies. Special thanks to the dispatcher for the patience and the discount. Will definitely recommend to friends.


    Not bad. I visit Israel often. Used the services of different companies. I am using yours for the third time. No complaints


    As the theater begins with a hanger, so the journey begins with a taxi at the airport. After a long, tiring journey with transfers, tedious waiting at the airport, it was nice to see that we were met by a good comfortable car, large, clean. Driving this car is a pleasure. Especially after a long flight. On the way back we will definitely go with you. Have a good day!

    Julia, Oksana, Natasha, Mila, Svetlanka

    I read reviews about Taxi Mia. A lot of good stuff has been written and for good reason. I agree with everyone. From my own experience I was convinced that the service is good, the car is really VIP-class, new and clean, the driver is polite, calm and accurate. Russian speaking. Transfer prices are good. Prices are as stated on the website. It is very easy to place an order. Easy work for you. Thanks for all.

    Salivon Olga

    All liked it. Good luck and happiness to you in the new year. TAXI MIA - THE BEST !!!


    Completely confused with this time difference. I almost missed my plane. Thanks to Taxi Mia for calling, hurrying up, quickly taking me to the plane. All the best to you and more good clients. Will definitely recommend to friends!


    All liked it. The car is clean, the driver is neat, polite


    Good taxi drivers MIA!!!!!!


    Excellent taxi. Very polite dispatchers. Helped me figure out what's what and how.


    Everything is just class! We are delighted and my children. Israel is a great country. Bathing in the Jordan for baptism is beyond words.

    This is MEGA!!!!!

    Kuprinenko O.A.

    Thank you for a comfortable trip and a discount. Good luck to you!

    Igor Nikolaevich

    Impressions about the work of taxi Mia are the most positive


    They drive fast, the prices are reasonable, the cars are new, the drivers are decent and polite, and most importantly they speak Russian. Used the service 2 times


    I myself work as a dispatcher in a taxi. I know all the difficulties and what "wonderful" clients there are.

    It was nice talking to you 🙂


    Good service. Adequate prices. Despite the rain, the excursion turned out to be interesting. Thank you for your help in choosing excursions and discounts.

    Anton and Inna, Russia

    Thanks a lot. All was good. Definitely recommend to friends. See you next year.


    On behalf of our whole family, I want to thank Sergey for the professionalism and high quality of service. We flew to Israel for the first time and on the way from the airport to Jerusalem we received a lot of interesting and useful information. We will definitely recommend to all our loved ones to use the services of this agency and next time we will definitely call again Sergei. Thanks again


    Pleased with the prices. Nicely.


    I like. A year ago, I stumbled upon them by accident. A year later, he did not look for anyone. Again pleased. Their cars are awesome


    Thanks a lot. Thought I'd miss the plane. The taxi driver did the impossible!


    It is very pleasant after a hard flight to go in a good car with good music and a patient driver.


    Thanks a lot, helped out. Good luck and good clients


    Yes, company, well done. We took advantage of their special offer.

    We booked three excursions and received a huge discount on the transfer to the airport back home. And there are no problems with the choice of excursions, and we got pleasure and saved money. Great!!!!!!!


    First time in Israel. We decided to visit everything. We have used several tour companies. Tours are basically the same. And here are the prices... As it turns out, it's very profitable!


    Thanks a lot. The driver is polite and attentive. He helped us with our bags and carried us to the door.


    My grandson was severely seasick on the plane. They thought he wouldn’t be able to drive a minute in the car. The taxi driver was very attentive. He gave his grandson water, candy. I drove very carefully. The child slept all the way. Back used their services again. Well done!


    Booked a taxi online. We had to wait a very long time at the airport. They thought the taxi driver would not wait, would leave or break a fabulous price for waiting. Worried for nothing. All is good. Taxi driver Sergey, thank you


    Literally two hours before the plane, it turned out that the taxi that I ordered would not arrive.

    I had to call everyone I found online. The guys at Taxi Mia worked quickly. Arrived on time, quickly delivered to the airport. They didn't miss the plane. Good luck to you.


    I use this taxi for the second time. They didn't let me down. Everything is great. Recommended to all friends.


    Thank you for your help in organizing excursions. They helped to understand all the variety of offers and choose the best.

    My husband and I are very pleased.


    All liked it. Service for five points. I will use this company again next time.


    Excellent service, comfortable car, pleasant and caring people, transfer, excursions are all at a good level. Thank you


    Taxi Miya is class! Traveled with them many times. There were no overlays. Like this company.

    Drivers are good, cars are great. Keep it up!

    Vladimir Kuznetsov

    Hello! I would like to briefly tell you about how I was surprised to find accommodation in Israel on your website. For me, the proposal was very relevant, but also embarrassing. After all, it is not known what kind of housing will be provided to you, how exactly they will meet you, and what, in the end, you will receive. But I feared in vain. On the Internet I was able to decide on the choice of an apartment, and after my arrival I was pleasantly surprised by the service. After all, I was met at the airport, settled comfortably, and from the trip I was even more than satisfied. Thank you very much for this.

    Oksana Orlova

    Hello. I have been using your taxi for almost half a year now. I ordered a car from you online from the site and through the dispatcher.

    It is especially pleasant that you can calculate the fare in advance in order to understand the final price. For me, the most important thing is to quickly get to the right place. And your drivers know their business clearly - you won’t refuse them in this - and without delay and delay, and the car is in order. I wish you further successful development!

    Valentin Orlov

    We went to Haifa in a big company, there were 10 of us. Someone accidentally remembered MIA, they ordered their SPRINTER. We arrived on time, although the driver had to wait a long time for everyone to gather, but he did not show dissatisfaction, patiently waited and even helped to load things. Keeping us on the road is another case, because the company is big, noisy. The car is great, one word class, respect to the driver. We didn’t let a taxi go in Haifa either, we drove the same car.

    Artashes Markaryan

    I travel abroad often - such a service. When I arrive in Israel, I often use this particular taxi. Everything is clear with them, on the Internet I painted in advance on when, where, why and what you expect - they contacted you, clarified the price, by the way, quite acceptable, and without problems. I didn’t have any misunderstandings with them, like “there is no car”, “the time is not right”, etc. I recommend

    Alexander Yurchenko

    I was going to Israel for a long time, went to relatives in Jerusalem. Mia stumbled upon Taxi by accident on Facebook. We met at the Ben Gurion airport, drove without problems, the car is super, in Moscow you will not find such people in the taxi service. The driver Sergey turned out to be adequate, we immediately started a normal conversation, because it was my first time in this country - a lot of things were interesting. In general, I can’t say anything bad about a taxi, I know for sure that next time I’ll call and order a taxi there in Miya

    Dmitry Tarasov