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Visiting the most beautiful places on the planet, of course, is desirable so that the trip is not only an indelible impression, but also a high level of comfort. It is unlikely that anyone will argue that the issue of movement carried out during travel and recreation plays an established role. When there is high efficiency, there is an opportunity to see a large number of architectural monuments, famous places and fabulously beautiful corners. Only these components form such a meaningful phrase as “I had a great rest.”
That is why the Taxi Mia company exists, which for several seven years has been regularly struggling with all sorts of transport problems, includes a large number of patients with luxury cars and requires prompt delivery to the required destination.
“Taxi Mia” – comfortable and excellent speed.
Our company has created all the conditions for the vacationer to reach the required place not only quickly, but also with maximum convenience. In our taxi fleet there are magnificent cars, the owners of which can own not only reliability, but also a luxurious interior. In our cars, the client presented himself magnificently at home, regardless of what weather conditions are present on board the car.

The Taxi Miya company, despite its great authority and the presence of a huge army of regular customers, systematically carries out the processes of technical and service development, carrying out all kinds of complex activities that will make our service even more enjoyable. Working around the clock, our taxi will be happy to provide transport assistance on the following routes:
1. From the magnificent Ben Gurion Airport transfer to anywhere in Israel.
2. High-quality organization of individual and group excursions to the most beautiful places in the country.
3. The presence of professional guides who perfectly know the history of Israel.
4. Qualified assistance in choosing a hotel for every taste and price category.
5. Luxurious and comfortable car trips through the land of Israel in the best cars on the planet.
This is not a complete list of the services provided by our company. Regular customers who systematically use our services know perfectly well that Taxi Miya can be contacted on absolutely any issue. All difficulties will be solved instantly and rigorously.
If you have chosen “Taxi Mia” – the rest will be a success!

This is not just a statement, but a real fact. By solving all the problems that a vacationer or tourist may encounter, our company has acquired excellent partners in all areas of service. For our company, there are no problems that cannot be solved quickly and efficiently. With the most minimal financial costs, our clients get a lot of pleasure and unforgettable experiences that last a lifetime. It is important to note that regular customers enjoy a special status in our company. They are provided with preferential rates and all the best that our staff is only able to provide. Carrying out an individual approach to each client, we thoroughly study not only the character of a person, but also his habits. Our services, without further ado, the vacationer will fully meet his tastes and preferences.

The image of our company – holidays in Israel should be worthy, like this wonderful country!

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